allajakobsonShalom, dear friends!


Our Community is more than 20 years old. Over the years we have successfully implemented many important and interesting projects, both joint efforts and with the support of our dear sponsors. One of such projects is this website, our face on the Internet. If you’re reading my greeting, then it means that the website is finally up, which makes us very pleased, because Internet communication is a very important attribute of modern life.


I am sure that many members of our Community, being modern Jewish people, have the opportunity to use the Internet. On this website you will have the chance to regularly read news and about interesting events that happen in our life. You’ll learn about what the Community breathes and lives today, and also about things and events we have prepared for you tomorrow.


Visit our Community center, participate in our programs, and be sure to visit our website to read about everything that’s happening in the Jewish community of Estonia!


Alla Jakobson,
Head of the Jewish Community of Estonia