Press-release of the Jewish Community of Estonia 17/03/2019

Jewish Community of Estonia expresses its utmost concern while observing coalition negotiations and the chances of EKRE gaining power as a ruling political party.
Many statements of this party are antagonistic towards national minorities and aim at separating the society into insiders and outsiders. This can only cause frustration and regret.
For the Jewish community, the principles of international law and European values ​​are important, including the right of all nations to self-determination and preservation of cultural diversity in our state. We condemn any manifestation of anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia or other discrimination.
The March 16 incident with insults to the Chief Rabbi of Estonia, Shmuel Kot, in the street of our capital is a signal to all of us, to our society. We consider such manifestations to be unacceptable and impossible.

We appealed to the law enforcement agencies to investigate this incident, and also turned to the MUPO for comments. In the coming days we will hold a special meeting of the Community Council, where we will discuss the current political situation and develop a plan of action for our organization.

Board of the Jewish Community of Estonia