Most of the younger members of the Jewish Community in Estonia are graduates of the Tallinn Jewish School (often simply referred to as TJS). However, among the generations of seniors, you can also find those who attended it. After all, this school is one of the oldest national educational institutions in Estonia!

The Tallinn Jewish School was founded in 1924. In 1990, opening its doors again, it became the first school for ethnic minorities in the yet to be formally restored Republic of Estonia.

Today, the Tallinn Jewish school is the only Jewish school in Estonia. Although the learning process is conducted in Russian, the school is developing in three main fields: quality education according to the state program, Jewish education (Hebrew, Jewish tradition, Jewish history, literature, music) and a gradual transition to studying and teaching in Estonian language. Each week “Lessons of Shabbat” are held. During the lessons the pupils discuss issues related to morality and ethics, precepts and traditions, holidays and other significant dates of the Jewish calendar.

High results of state examinations and entrance examinations in Estonian and foreign universities indicate a high level of acquired knowledge. All graduates speak about TJS with warmth and gratitude. Such an atmosphere, as exists in the Tallinn Jewish School, is hard to find in any educational institution in Estonia.

Pupils of TJS are highly involved in the life of the Jewish community and Jewish youth organizations and clubs. This fact proves that the school pays a lot of attention to the Jewish upbringing and education.

More information about the Tallinn Jewish school and admission requirements can be found on the school’s official website: