Many people might be looking at our large Community Center and wondering: what’s going on behind those windows? Well, LIFE is what’s going on! In each room there is a club or a workshop, there are meetings, events … all of this is organized by the Center for Community Programs.

The main purpose of the Community Program Center is to offer a full Jewish life, so that everyone finds something for their soul and can realize themselves in the Jewish community. The Center is an organic structure of several divisions: for children of preschool age, kids of school age (7-17 years), and for students (18-35).

A separate block of programs is associated with organization of one-time events: conferences, celebrations of the important dates of Jewish calendar, cultural events and educational seminars.

Also, there is a club for young families and a club for middle aged members of the Community: “Gesher”.

The projects of the Center are designed for community members of all ages with different interests. You can participate in these programs individually, with family, with friends … We have several interest groups within various programs aimed at the preservation of Jewish cultural values, understanding the various aspects of Judaism in a secular manner. So, come and ask for information, and you are sure to find something interesting for yourself!

Jewish Community program manager: Julia Lansberg (