WIZO (Women’s International Zionist Organization), which is of immense significance for the Jews of the world, is also represented in the Jewish Community of Estonia. More detailed information about the activities of the former can be found below.

Today, the WIZO consists of 52 member countries, including Estonia, where this movement emerged in 1920s. The Estonian branch of the WIZO was registered in 1930, which is certified by an official document stored in the archive. The WIZO was remarkably active in Estonia, holding exhibitions and organising charity fairs. The funds raised were donated to the foundation supporting young families that wanted to move to Palestine as well as economically disadvantaged families and newlyweds. However, most of the funds were meant for the training of the young people striving to participate in the establishment of the future State of Israel. They were to acquire the skills of farming works, housekeeping, and educating children in entirely new conditions. Naturally, they were about to face numerous difficulties, so they had to know how to do everything necessary.

In addition to the above, the WIZO organised literature clubs and held a variety of events, including those that focused on ideology, on uniting behind the Jewish Idea.

Similarly, to other Zionist organisations, the operation of the WIZO was ceased in 1940. Zionist activities were believed to be directed against the new regime. It should be noted, that these activities were very well developed and extensive in Estonia, especially among university students. Many were arrested and deported; some were even sentenced to death …

In 1991, after the country had regained independence, the Estonian branch of the WIZO was officially registered again. It created and maintained a database of people in need of various kinds of support, distributed humanitarian supplies received from abroad, and engaged in other socially-oriented activities. When the Social Centre was formed in the Jewish Community, the members of the Estonian WIZO branch joined it a group of volunteers.

The WIZO is implementing a variety of programmes, and there is always plenty of work. It is common knowledge that charity has no limits. Please join if you want to help!