For the Community members in their “golden age” there are numerous clubs and hobby groups, where the participants can learn various skills, practice physical activities and exercise their brain. What is especially valuable here is the atmosphere of warmth and face-to face communication that are common to club meetings. Anyone could find an activity they enjoy here.

Coordinator of clubs is Debora Bam: 56262204,

Jewish Cuisine Club

On festive occasions, anyone is welcome to taste the masterpieces of culinary art created by the club members who will be glad to share recipes and talk about the history of every dish.

Fitness for Health

The members of the Social Centre can do keep-fit exercises under the guidance of a trainer twice a week. Staying active is good for you at any age!

Memory preservation club

Memory training and keeping mind active are core issues for active and full-fledged life. Moreover, it’s just fun!

Vocal studio

Discover your talents and get both benefits and pleasure! Singing together is extremely useful for physical and emotional health of elderly people.

Computer Club

Computers have become an integral part of everyday life, and they are not as scary and complicated to use as it might seem.

Birthday Club

Each month, those whose birthday falls within the month gather in the Community Centre and bring their friends along. The Community lays the table, and heroes of the occasion can celebrate their birthday, talk to people they like, exchange news and discuss upcoming events.

Art Club

On holidays, anyone is welcome to try and make decorative items to match the festive occasion in our art studio under the guidance of a professional designer.

Jewish Traditions Club

Lev Kempa, the head of the club, gives monthly enlightening lectures about Jewish traditions and festivals.

We invite everyone to join in on our versatile and exciting activities!

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