We run our own genuine Jewish library! Here you will find books that any other library will hardly be able to provide.

The library of the Jewish Community of Estonia has been operating since 1990. For all these years, the founder of the library, librarian Regina Pats, has been labouring tirelessly on carefully preserving the existing collection and updating it with new interesting publications.

Today, the library stock, including periodicals, contains over 7,500 items covering almost the entire scope of the topics of Jewish studies: history, Judaism, philosophy, politics, fiction. The collection also includes dictionaries and non-fiction books about Jewish traditions, celebrations and cuisine.

New publications in Russian issued in Israel, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine find their way to the library every now and then. If you happen to own an interesting copy of a book or periodical and would like to donate it, we will gladly accept it!

The library thanks its sponsors, the Family Šumeiko Foundation and Family Kofkin Foundation, for their contribution to the expansion of the library stock.

Head of library is Regina Pats, regina@jewish.ee, 55597825