Community Programmes Centre JCC

The Community Programmes Centre JCC primarily aims to ensure the organisation of full-featured Jewish community life so that everyone can find something to do to their liking and fulfil their potential in the Jewish Community. The Centre is an integrated structure consisting of several subdivisions: for pre-schoolchildren, for school-aged kids and teenagers (7 to 17) and for university students (18 to 35).

A separate block of programmes is dedicated to the organisation of such one-time events as conferences, festivals of the Jewish Calendar, culture-related events and educational seminars.

There is also a successfully operating and developing Young Family Club and the club “Gecher” for middle-age members of the Community.

The projects of the Community Programmes Centre are meant for Community members of all ages as well as for a variety of interests. You can take part in the projects by yourself, with your family or with a group of friends … We have hobby clubs within various programmes that are meant to preserve Jewish cultural values and to help people learn about different aspects of Judaism. Basically, come by and ask what we can offer, and there will definitely be something interesting for you!