Many of us would not live today were it not for the immense heroic contribution of these people. They are the veterans of the World War II who risked their lives in the name of Fascism-free future!

The Veterans Association of the Jewish Community of Estonia unites over 90 members: veterans who served in the armed forces during World War II, veterans who fought during their conscription service, Leningrad blockade survivors, former ghetto prisoners, those who worked in the weapons industry during the war, veterans’ widows.

Following its statute, the association takes care of the veterans: pays visits to those who are ill and have no physical capacity for leaving home as well as uses sponsors’ support to provide financial aid to those in dire need.

The Veterans Association actively participates in the events organised by the Jewish Community of Estonia, which is really positive: it is good to know that the elderly keep socialising and do not surrender to old age stereotypes. It also holds regular meetings with women veterans and veterans’ widows.

Together, the members of the Association celebrate the anniversaries of important events and, of course, the most significant date for the ex-Soviet veterans of World War II, Victory Day on 9 May.

The President of Association: Juri Mizikov.

MEMORY (in the loving memory of Mihhail Isaakovitš Giršovitš): memoirs of Ilja Volõnski, member of the Veterans Association, written on the occasion of the passing of Mihhail Giršovitš.