Up to 1940, the sport association “Maccabi” in Estonia was remarkably vast and popular, its members having upheld the honour of the Jewish nation and Estonian sports on the international level.

Great success was achieved in women’s gymnastics.  “Maccabi” sportswomen could be found in the first rows of the hundreds of gymnasts performing at the stadium during the celebrations of national holidays. The football team was also very strong, and two or three of “Maccabi” players would always be there in the Estonian national team that used to participate in world championships at the time.

The name of Sarah Teitelbaum, an octuple record-holder of the country, occupies a special place in the history of track and field in Estonia. Her brother Rubin Teitelbaum set five records of Estonia in weightlifting and took part in the 2nd international Maccabiah Games in Tel Aviv in 1936, where he took first place.

Savel Kletskij was the one to leave a mark in the history of motor racing in Estonia, having secured podium places in races in Tallinn and Riga between 1933 and 1935 as well as having been one of the contributors to the construction of the famous motor racing circuit in Pirita.

Like numerous sports clubs of the country, “Maccabi” was closed in 1940 and could only be revived after Estonia regained independence.

It was already in 1991 that the Estonian team participated in the European Maccabi Games held in Marseilles, France, and won a silver medal in futsal. The European Maccabi Games of 2007 held in Rome brought three gold medals to the team from Estonia, two of which went to Semjon Brener (badminton individual and doubles) and Nadežda Shein (tennis doubles).

The Estonian national team enjoyed unbelievable success at the Open Baltic “Maccabi 2010” Games held in Trakai (Lithuania) and brought home 12 medals!

In 2011, the “Maccabi” futsal team became the first winner of the Estonian Cup in history!

The sport association “Maccabi” aims to promote sports among the young and people of other ages alike. Not only does sport generate positive emotions, but it also ensures the body stays young and the mind remains sound.

At the moment, the Estonian “Maccabi” is home to a tennis club, football team and chess club. We intend to organise a table tennis club and put together a basketball team in the nearest future.

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