Student Organisation of the Jewish Community of Estonia

Educational and entertainment programmes for those who feel young (aged 18–35)

We provide a wide assortment of programmes for active adults. Informal education, various hobbies, exciting journeys and other unique projects give an opportunity to broaden your horizons and expand Jewry-related knowledge.

International seminar “ОR” — “LIGHT”

This is a wonderful opportunity to spend summer days among the most positive, smart and cheerful people. The “OR” seminar is meant for studying Jewish history, culture and traditions. Classes with leading specialists, fascinating meet-the-artist events, amazing parties and numerous new acquaintances will help you escape from drab everyday existence and leave spectacular memories! Relish the opportunity to have a great summer!

The seminar is financially supported by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

Taglit – Birthright Israel

This is a ten-day tour for Jewish young people aged 18–26 who have never been to Israel. The participants of the project visit places associated with the history of the Jewish nation and famous Israeli sights as well as meet their peers among new repatriates and students. The participants are accompanied by supervisors and excursion guides. The “Taglit” project aims to introduce young Jews living in expat communities to Jewish history, Jewish heritage and life in present-day Israel. The trip across the country within the “Taglit” programme is planned so that the visitors see and learn as much as possible, see the whole country from north to south, including Dan and Eilat, Golan Heights and the Dead Sea, the Wailing Wall and night bars of Tel Aviv. One of the main objectives is to strengthen the ties between the State of Israel and expat communities. The other goal is to introduce young Jews to places associated with the history of the Jewish nation and famous Israeli sights as well as the life of Jews in Israel.