Aviv is a genuine Jewish kindergarten where children are introduced to Jewish culture at a very young age.  Aviv kindergarten is the second home where children are happy to go in the morning because they want to meet friends and learn new things. The organisation of learning activities ensures that the state curriculum is intertwined with learning the children’s ethnic culture and traditions. Learning activities receive massive attention. Through the offices of the Jewish Community of Estonia, additional afternoon classes have been organised for the children: Jewish traditions for children, English language for kids, “Mini Maccabi” sports club, art classes, Jewish dance and song classes. Each Friday we start celebrating Shabbat together.


The kindergarten is conveniently located in the centre of the city in a renovated building with amenities on well-maintained premises with playgrounds. There are cosy but modern classrooms and halls as well as playrooms. The kindergarten has been fitted with state-of-the art equipment.

There are 4 age groups in the kindergarten, each fitting up to 15 children and supervised by two teachers and their assistant. Learning takes place in two languages, Estonian and Russian.

Additional information on the page of the kindergarten: www.aviv.ee  or by phone 56208757.