Youth Centre programmes are meant for children and teenagers aged 7–18.

Once a week, the Youth Centre of the Community hosts activities for children of two age groups: 7–12 and 13–18.

As a rule, each academic year features a particular topic, and we have a closer look at some aspect of the topic in each class. We do not want the classes to become a tedious chore or to remind of boring school lessons, and at the weekend at that, so children can also have fun: run and jump around, talk and mingle, express themselves.

The classes are held by madrichim (Jewish youth tutors), young people who complete special training in the Community. Because they are mostly school students themselves, their communication with children is informal. This is important in every respect: communication in free format helps children learn useful and interesting information better, and, by choosing the topic of the year and each class, madrichim each time discover new horizons in the endless world of knowledge and the depth of Jewish studies. As the result, for those madrichim who do not go to Tallinn Jewish School, this is as educational as for the children they teach.

In addition to regular activities, the Youth Centre celebrates all Jewish festivals, and meetings that start Shabbat are held weekly.

The programmes described above have been a tradition for quite a while, and they have proven to be fun and useful!

See you in the Youth Club!

Youth Programs Coordinator is Joel Zundelevich.