Tallinn Jewish School was founded in 1924. Having reopened in 1990, it became the first national minority school in the Republic of Estonia, which had not even officially regained independence yet.

Nowadays Tallinn Jewish School is the only Jewish school in Estonia. Although the working language is Russian, the school is developing in three major directions: high-quality education in accordance with the national curriculum, Jewish studies (Hebrew, Jewish traditions, Jewish history, literature and music) and the gradual transition to the Estonian language of instruction. The school holds weekly “Shabbat lessons” to discuss the topics related moral and ethics, fundamental rules and traditions, celebrations and other remarkable and memorable dates of the Jewish calendar.

Tallinn Jewish School students widely participate in the life of the Jewish community and Jewish youth clubs and organisations. We believe this is the evidence of the attention paid to Jewish studies and upbringing by the school.

More information about Tallinn Jewish School is available on the school’s official web page: www.jkool.tln.edu.ee