Yesterdays’ school-leavers who, it seems, just recently came by to see us in their second year of university are young parents today … The continuity of generations is very important for the Jewish Community, and children grow up remarkably fast these days.

This project of the Community has been initiated to support young families in our complicated times.  Each new household faces a range of issues and challenges. Sharing experiences and helping one another, young Jewish families will find that it is easier to overcome hardships together. And who said you only have to share problems? Celebrations, parties, fun events, discussions about global news and joyous family occasions are better if shared as well …

Family programmes, including the Baltic seminar for young families, form the basis of the Community programmes because they are establishing future communities, involving children and their parents in Jewish life.

A Jewish family is a whole peculiar world, its traditions dating back to ancient times. Community programmes aim to unite Jewish families. Numerous events of the family club are and will be held outside of the Community Centre.

“From games to serious issues of Jewish life” is the slogan of the “Young Jewish Family» project.

Coordinator of programs for young families: Maria Maximova
Tel. +372 56262213,