The members of the Jewish Community of Estonia meet often, socialize a lot and spend a considerable amount of time together. They can participate in any programmes and projects of the Community and are eligible for a variety of benefits.

Membership of the Jewish Community of Estonia can be held by private individuals, Jewish or of Jewish origin, who are 13 or older, live in the Republic of Estonia and recognise the effective Charter of the organisation.

JCE members aged below 18 do not have the casting vote, cannot participate in elections and cannot be elected to the governing and supervising bodies of the JCE.  JCE membership can also be held by a legal entity provided that its operation purposes and membership principles under its articles of association are consistent with the Charter of the Jewish Community of Estonia.

Admission to the membership of the JCE is granted on a case-by-case basis, following a personal application.

JCE members are to adhere to the Charter, pay regular membership fees, be actively involved in one of the JCE’s organisations where possible and contribute to the consolidation of JCE members.