Music Festival “MustonenFest Tallinn-Tel Aviv 2018”

Music Festival “MustonenFest Tallinn-Tel Aviv 2018” has started yesterday. From 14th to 28th of February, there will be 20 concerts in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and other cities of Israel.

Mustonen-Fest Tallin-Tel-Aviv is an Israeli-Estonian music festival in participation of the leading musicians from both Israel and Estonia – together, gathering and performing in various concerts.

The extinguished reputation of this international festival – for five years in Israel, annually bringing the best choirs native Israeli and from abroad to Israel.

In dedication to celebrate 100 years for Estonia, the fifth Tallinn-Tel-Aviv Fest, under the leading of Andres Mustonen, bringing twenty concerts in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Ashdod and more venues in Israel.

Hosting choirs and soloists from Estonia with local orchestras, music bands, and Israeli soloists – will present nine programs with classical, folk and Jazz music.

The festival is supported by Tallinn, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Estonia, Capital of Culture, Tel Aviv City Council and private sponsors.

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