Being a Member of the Community

We are strong in our unity. Members of the Jewish Community of Estonia meet, communicate and spend a lot of time together. They can participate in all programs and projects of the Community, as well as enjoy various privileges. Community workers are often asked the following questions: “Can I become a member of the Community? What do I need to do to become one?” For your convenience, we post this information here.

The following criteria apply to potential members of the Jewish Community of Estonia: Jewish individuals (or of Jewish descent) who reached the age of 13 years, who reside in the Republic of Estonia, accept the present statute and pay membership fees.

Members of the JCE in the age of 18 have no voting rights, they can not participate in elections and be elected to the governing and supervisory bodies of the JCE.
A legal entity may also be a member of the JCE, if its goals and principles of forming the range of members is not contrary to the Charter of the Jewish Community of Estonia.
The procedure of becoming a member of the JCE is carried out individually on the basis of personal application. The rules of the procedure are set by the current Chairperson of the JCE.

The units and organizations of the JCE, with the exception of organizations associated with religious traditions, may establish a separate procedure for membership. Membership in subdivisions and organizations of the JCE does not imply automatic admission to general membership in the JCE.

The JCE member must comply with current statutes, regularly pay the membership fee, as well work actively (in case of opportunity) in any organization of the JCE, and also to facilitate the consolidation of the JCE members.