The first issue of the “Hashahar” newspaper saw the light in December 1988.  The newspaper of the Jewish Community of Estonia became the first independent Jewish periodical in the territory of the former USSR. During the first years of publication, its circulation in Russian was over 5,000 copies. The newspaper was issued in Estonian as well. “Hashahar” was delivered by post to numerous cities of the former USSR; and in Estonia, readers could buy it at news-stands or get a subscription.

In 2014, the circulation of “Hashahar” exceeded 1000 copies, and the majority of the Community members could find a fresh issue of “Hashahar” in their mailboxes.

Gidon Paenson was the first editor of the newspaper. Over the years, the editorial staff of “Hashahar” were headed by Jossif Malkiel, Avgustina Gerber, Elkond Libman, Jelena Dormidontova, Elhonen Saks, Gennadi Gramberg and Josef Katz.

By now, the newspaper “Hashahar” has ceased circulation.  All the information is forwarded in email newsletters and is available on printouts to the members of the Social Centre.