Mazal tov!

The Jewish Community of Estonia expresses its congratulations to Stefan Oscar with recipient of the White Star order, IV class. This state reward is given to those persons whose commitment to their professional work and society has made Estonia a better place. Annually the President of Estonia is honoring distinguished individuals with state medals as part of the celebrations of the Anniversary of the Republic.

We are very pleased that the contribution to the development of the Jewish life in Estonia of Stefan Oscar has been noted at a high state level! We greatly appreciate Stefan’s personal involvement in the global processes of building and developing the Community, identifying priority areas, and helping with international relations!

We express our congratulations to Isabella Riitsaar, the director of the Tallinn Pae Gymnasium, whose contribution to the education of our children was so highly appreciated!
We express our congratulations to Roman Baskin and Jonatan Vseviov with the honorable reward!
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