Сharity campaign in support of the “Winter Relief” program

This year, the Community Community of Estonia is holding a charity campaign in support of the “Winter Relief” program.

In autumn, winter and early spring, heating bills can reach almost half of the amount of pension payments.

A cold house is diseases, breakdowns and suffering…
Let us warm the homes of those who live near us their long and difficult life!
Our goal is to raise 15,000 Euros with the help of the members of the Community and pay 50% of the needs of elderly members of the Community for paying utility bills in the winter months.

You can support the campaign on the internet portal: https://www.hooandja.ee/en/projekt/aita-meil-aidata

or transferring a donation to a special account:
Eesti Juudi Kogukond MTU
Selgitus: Annetus Help 2019

Help us help them! Together we will achieve the goal!