“4000 years in 3 hours”

What happened earlier, Hanukkah or Purim?  
When was the first synagogue built?  
Why is Jerusalem so important to the Jewish people?  
How did Jews come to Europe? 
and when was the Bible written?  

If you like history or these questions interest you, or you have always wanted to arrange for yourself the timeline of Jewish history you are invited to a series of 3 meetings in July, where we will learn about the great events, leaders and major processes in Jewish history.  
Session 1 From Babylon to Rome” 8.7.2022 / 17:30
Session 2 “Between the Cross and the Crescent” (Middle Ages) 22.7.2022 / 17:30
Session 3 The Four Revolutions of Modern Times 29.7.2022 / 17:30

The Sessions will be held in English by Rabbi David Basok who also has a Master In Jewish history.